Outreach Band

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Who we are:

We are a group of volunteer musicians and sound engineers who serve in various outreach services and events for the glory of God. The Outreach Band Ministry is led by Sam Silchuk from Missionary Gospel Church. For every event, a new band forms and practices together prior to the event.

Our mission:

We seek to use our God-given musical talents to praise and worship our God and to lead others to Him.

What we do:

The outreach band is not just one band, but a list of people who are musically skilled and talented. Prior to any outreach event, the list is reviewed and people who are available on the day of the event come together to form a band. After picking out songs and spending time practicing together, the band plays music at the specific event. The music style that the band plays is mostly worship and contemporary Christian. Events that the outreach bands participate in include high school outreaches, apartment outreaches, and Awakening services. Individuals from the outreach band list also participate in visits to the elderly.

How you can get involved:

The outreach band ministry allows many different musicians with different skill sets to get involved. Beginners have the opportunity to use their talents at small events and elderly visits. Those who play music and sing at the intermediate and advanced level are invited to participate in the Awakening services and outreach events. The more musicians that sign up for the ministry, the more musicians we have to choose from and the more events we can serve! Here is a list of musicians we are currently looking for:

  1. Drummers
  2. Bass guitarists
  3. Electric guitar lead
  4. Electric guitar rhythm
  5. Acoustic guitarists
  6. Pianists
  7. Keyboard
  8. Violin, cello, saxophone, trumpet, and other solo instruments


Also, if you’re a sound engineer, we need your help so sign up!


How you can pray for us:

  1. Pray that more musicians and sound engineers would volunteer to be part of this ministry.
  2. Pray for God’s anointing on the musicians.
  3. Pray for people listening to the music brought by the outreach band would respond to the message of Jesus Christ.


How you can financially support us:

To cover the costs of updating and replacing music equipment, please make checks payable to “Missionary Gospel Church” with “Outreach Band” in the memo field. Or, give cash donations to Sam Silchuk, David Mazur or Peter Smolin and you will receive a cash receipt.


Contact Information:

Sam Silchuk


David Mazur



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