Apartment Outreach Ministry

Who we are:

Apartment Outreach Ministry is a compilation of smaller ministries that reach out to people in underprivileged neighborhoods with the message of the Gospel. Apartment outreach events are organized and led by David Mazur, Peter Smolin and Sam Silchuk with support from youth and teens from Missionary Gospel Church as well as other area churches.

Our mission:

The goal of Apartment Outreach is to reach out to people who may not have the opportunity or the willingness to attend church, so we bring church to them. We want to see lives transformed by the message of the Gospel.

What we do:

Apartment Outreach Ministry is composed of three elements: neighborhood outreach events, adult Bible studies, and the Good News Kids Club Ministry.

Neighborhood outreach events are actually outdoor church services that are held on the grounds of an apartment complex. The event kicks off with live music by the Outreach Band, followed by the Gospel message with an invitation to prayer, free barbeque, free groceries, and a program for the kids put together by the Kids Club Ministry team. The free event is fun for the whole family and allows us to serve those who are desperately searching for hope.

Adult Bible studies originate from neighborhood outreach events. People who made the decision to follow Christ at an outreach event are invited to attend a Bible study that will take place weekly in the apartment complex. The Bible studies are led by a local church pastor and consist of singing, a Bible lesson and fellowship. These Bible studies fill the spiritual needs of new believers who many not have the opportunity to attend a church service outside of the apartment complex. The adult Bible study also becomes the resource center for meeting the physical needs of residents at the apartment complex. Provided by MGC Food Bank, clothing, groceries and other imperishable items will be distributed monthly to those who need the assistance.

We are directly connected with Good News Kids Club Ministry, Outreach Band Ministry and the MGC Food Bank.

How you can get involved:

If you are interested and willing, we have a job for you! Choose one (or more) of the teams below and get involved!

  1. Muscle Power – We need people to load and unload sound equipment, chairs, tables, etc. and transport this stuff to and from the event.
  2. Food Team – You don’t need cooking skills to join this team. You just need to be willing to set up the food area, distribute food with a great big smile, and stay after the event to clean up.
  3. Stage Set Up Team – We need muscle power to set up the stage prior to the event and break it down after the event.
  4. Sound Set Up Team – Are you a musician or sound engineer and know how to make even the worst instrument sound heavenly? We need your help to set up the speakers, mikes, etc!
  5. Personal Evangelism Team – If you can strike up with casual conversation with a stranger, we have a job for you. During the event, we need people to walk around and meet people, all the while sharing with them the message of the Gospel one on one.
  6. Flyer Distribution Team – For people to find out about the neighborhood outreach event, someone has to tell them. Will that be you? Can you walk about the neighborhood and pass out flyers inviting people to the event?
  7. Grocery Distribution Team – We need people to organize and distribute groceries so that everyone is served in a courteous and speedy manner.
  8. Prayer team – If you are a spiritual leader in your church (youth leader, small group leader, pastor, etc), we need you to be available to pray with people after the Gospel message.


How you can pray for us:

  1. Pray that God would open the doors of opportunity at more apartment complexes for us to serve with all three elements of Apartment Outreach Ministry.
  2. Pray for wisdom, strength and blessings for all the apartment management staff. Their job is not easy.
  3. Pray for all the volunteers who serve in Apartment Outreach Ministry to work as for the Lord.
  4. Pray for safety for all the volunteers who serve in Apartment Outreach Ministry.
  5. Pray for the people living in each of the apartment complexes to come to the knowledge of Christ and live for Him alone.


How you can financially support us:

This is the costliest ministry so any kind of financial contribution helps! Please make checks payable to “Missionary Gospel Church” with “Apartment Outreach Ministry” in the memo field. Or, give cash donations to David Mazur or Peter Smolin and you will receive a cash receipt.


Contact Information:

David Mazur



Peter Smolin



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