As An Individual

Outreach Band

  • Join the Missions Worldwide outreach band

–  MW outreach band is comprised of

  1. Primary musicians/singers
  2. Secondary musicians/singers

– Whenever a primary musician cannot make it to a particular event then a secondary musician is contacted in order to fill in for the primary musician.

     You can become a secondary musician.

           – To do this, contact Sam Silchuck and he will schedule an interview.

High School Ministry 

  • Start a bible club

-If you do not have a bible club in your high school that is partnered with Missions Worldwide then you can start one.

  •  Missions worldwide will provide…
  1. Overall structure of the bible study
  2. Weekly bible lessons
  3. Flyers for bible club promotion
  4. Posters for bible club promotion
  5. Mission Worldwide will also schedule outreach events (concert) at the high school in order to support the bible club.
  •     If your high school already has a bible club that is partnered with Missions Worldwide then you can do your part to help it grow and expand.
  1. Invite your friends, especially those who are not Christian or those who do not live a life that glorifies God.
  2. Help spread the news about high school outreach events

-Contact your local bible club leader for information regarding any upcoming events.

Neighborhood Outreach

  • Volunteer at our neighborhood outreaches (usually once a month)

– A volunteer can have various responsibilities during an outreach event

  1. Stage team: helps set up and tear down stage
  2. Sound team: sets up sound equipment
  3. Hot food team: grills BBQ and serves the hot food to people
  4. Talk team: responsible for inviting people to event, witnessing to people during event, and developing relationships with people at event. Also responsible for collecting follow up data from those who responded to any alter call.
  5. Other… At every event there is a lot of work to do, so if you are willing to serve please come and volunteer, we will find a job for you!
  6. If you are planning to volunteer for an event please contact us so we will know how many volunteers to expect.
  • Elderly ministry
  1. Join us in visiting an elderly center

             -One time visitors are welcome

             – What you can do…

  1. Sing
  2. Share a testimony
  3. Preach a short sermon
  4. Spend time with people, this is the greatest need.
  5. Contact David Mazur and let him know you would like to visit

Visiting times are Tuesday and Wednesday

– Meet at Missionary Gospel Church @ 10:30 am

MGC Food Bank

  • Volunteer at MGC Foodbank

– Pack groceries for needy families once a month

– When: Friday before each neighborhood outreach event

  • Start time: 6pm     End time: 8pm

– Where: Petr Smolin’s shop..Contact Petr Smolin for address

– All ages welcome!

Kids Club Ministry

  • Become a teacher or a teachers aid for kids club

-Participate in kids service during neighborhood outreach events

-Participate in kids club in various apartment complexes

  • Requirements

-Need to be CEF certified (contact Galina Lutsik for info)

-Need to be a Sunday school teacher/helper (approved by G. Lutsik)

-Have enough love to spread to all those little ones!

  • Please contact Galina Lutsik for further guidelines of how to get started. We need as many qualified people as possible!
  • Sponsor a project/need

-There are various critical needs (link) or upcoming projects that need to be financed

  •  If you are not able to volunteer but would still like to take part in this ministry then we would urge you to join us and contribute financially.
  • Every ministry/event requires volunteers as well as finances

– Both are crucial for the work to continue.

             Donate!   <—- click


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