As A Church

Outreach Band

  • Develop an outreach band

                               Missions Worldwide will give opportunities to play at various events, (i.e. neighborhood outreaches, high school outreaches, etc.)

 High school ministry

  • Get involved in MW high school ministry

          Nominate a high school student from your church to start a bible club at his or her high school.

  • Requirement: need to be a high school student where you desire to start a bible club.

           Missions worldwide will provide…

  1. Overall structure of the bible study
  2. Weekly bible lessons
  3. Flyers for bible club promotion
  4. Posters for bible club promotion
  •            Mission Worldwide will also schedule outreach events (concert) at the high school in order to support the bible club.

Neighborhood outreach

  • Plan a neighborhood outreach event

A neighborhood outreach consists of…

  1. Set up stage and sound equipment at a local park, apartment complex, church lawn/parking lot, etc.
  2. Hold a kids service prior to main event.
  3. Play live music
  4. Preach the Gospel
  5. BBQ- Feed the people
  6. (optional)- If there is a need pass out free groceries to the people…Contact MGC Foodbank for details.
  • Missions Worldwide can help by…

– Allow several of your church leaders to shadow MW leadership in order to learn how to plan and organize a neighborhood outreach event.

  1. Visit apartment management to initiate the process to gaining access into an apartment complex
  2. Join the leadership meetings where the events are planned
  3. Participate in the neighborhood outreach event to gain firsthand experience of how such an event is run.
  •            Missions Worldwide leadership can plan and organize a neighborhood outreach event together with your church.
  •  MW leadership will only play a management role
  • Your church members will fully participate in all aspects of the event which will include…
  • Set up the stage and sound equipment.
  • Set up chairs, tables, jumphouse, etc.
  • Organize band and play during event.
  • Preach during event (MW leaders can preach if needed)
  • Prepare kids program and lead kids service
  • Buy, prepare, and serve the food.
  • Pass out groceries (if there is a need).
  • Clean up
  •        Once your church feels comfortable with organizing and fully leading such an event, then at that point Missions Worldwide will only keep in contact in order to work together in the future.
  1. There is no spoken or unspoken obligation to continue working with our leadership.
  2. Our goal is to be a resource, nothing more.

Elderly ministry

  • Adopt an elderly center.

– Convalescent home (retirement home)

– Adult day care center

  • Visit center on a weekly basis

– Sing songs

– Preach the Gospel

– Spend time with the people; become their friends

  • Contact MW leadership and we will get you in contact with an elderly center that is in need.

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