October Apartment Outreach (2011)

The primary goal of the outreach was to meet people’s practical needs in order to open the door to preach the gospel. The outreach was a two day event. On the first day, October 28th, we packaged 400 bags of food. Each bag consisted of 2.5 lb of rice, 1 lb of pasta, 2 lb of potatoes, 1 lb of carrots, 1 lb of onions, a bag of flour, a bag of dried peaches, a bag of dried apricots, several power bars, a handful of packaged almonds, 2 bananas, and various spices. After the food was packaged, roughly 170 bags were distributed to the Slavic community.

The next day, October 29th, the youth loaded the stage, chairs, tables, cooking equipment, sound equipment, tents, and all the packaged food into various vehicles. After a short debrief and prayer, everyone set out to Country Wood Village Apartments in South Sacramento.

Once everyone arrived, the set up began. For the next three hours MGC Youth worked diligently until the start of the evangelical outreach service. The event timeline was as follows:

3-3:40                    Band 1/Kid’s Service

3:40-4                     Intermission/Food

4-4:40                    Band 2

4:40-5                    Gospel Message

5-5:20                    Prayer Response

5:20-6                    Packaged Food Distribution

6-7                          Tear Down

By all measures we gauged the event to be successful, we measure this success in:

1.   The Gospel was preached to those who needed to hear.

2.  The poor were fed.

3.  The youth from Missionary Gospel Church were actively involved in spreading the Gospel and ministering to the community.

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