The evangelism Dvd is a project still in progress started at Missionary Gospel Church. From the very begining, the main goal of this project was aimed to more effectively spread the gospel to as many individuals as possible.  In order to maximize the amount of people reached with the gospel with the minimum amount of resources, we decided to launch this project. This short video clip is aimed to be a multimedia gospel message. The evangelism Dvd team has been working hard since December to complete this effort and we are exited that it will be finished in the near future! Keep your ear open to the news about its completion.


(1) Develop a tool for Christians to be able to evangelize to those around them.

(2) Create a multimedia invitation to Missionary Gospel Church.

(3) Allow other individuals, organizations, and churches to be able to use this resource for themselves.

The DVD will contain:

(1) An outreach oriented song  (5 min)

(2) A short Gospel message  (5-10 min)

This project is separated in two parts: An English version, and Russian version

Participating Bands/Speakers:


Band:              The Vadim Zanko Band

Speaker:         David Mazur


Band:              The Oleg Kravchuk Band

Speaker:         Nick Kravchuk


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